SAVANAH is now part of a Docker HTS pipeline

14 Jun 2017

SAVANAH is now part of a Docker HTS pipeline where it is integrated with additional web tools such as MIRACLE, OpenLabFramework and HiTSeekR. Click here for details. With this, we also fix the problem that the previous SAVANAH demo link was broken due to the shutdown of the NanoCAN web server.

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SAVANAH User Guide

17 Jun 2016

A user guide is now available on the project page, where we demonstrate the most important functionality of SAVANAH in 10 steps. These steps are also shown on the front page of SAVANAH after login.

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SAVANAH is now integrated with HiTSeekR

16 Jun 2016

SAVANAH is now integrated with HiTSeekR (List et al. 2016, HiTSeekR is a web application for the comprehensive analysis of high-throughput screening data. It provides extensive support for raw data processing, hit discovery and systems biomedicine analysis for various screen types, including RNAi, CRISPR/Cas9, miRNA and small compound screens. To use HiTSeekR using SAVANAH as starting point follow these instructions (also found in the user manual).

  • Press on the Analysis button in the navigation bar
  • Optionally filter for a project, an experiment or a specific plate layout
  • Select plates you want to include in the analysis,
  • Select a screen type (siRNA for screens targeting genes, miRNA or compound)
  • Click on the HiTSeekR logo

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