HiTSeekR: Move and Update

21 Apr 2020

The HiTSeekR web application is now hosted on ExBio. From now on you can find our github repository at biomedbigdata. We updated STITCH to version 5.0 and use the latest mirCancer data from October 2019. Additionally, downloading BioAssays from PubChem via AID is available again.

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HiTSeekR is now integrated with SAVANAH

16 Jun 2016

An essential feature for the HTS community that is missing in HiTSeekR is the management of samples and plates in the thousands or hundreds of thousands experiments routinely performed in HTS facilities. However, HiTSeekR is intended for analysis and does not keep track of uploaded data. To mitigate this, we have developed a HTS sample management application called SAVANAH and integrated it with HiTSeekR. The mechanism we implemented to realize this integration is still in beta status but can in the future be used to integrate HiTSeekR with other HTS sample management solutions.
More information about SAVANAH is available at its project page.

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HiTSeekR screencast tutorial available on YouTube

20 Nov 2015

A screencast tutorial explaining an exemplary analysis of a microRNA mimics screen in now available on YouTube

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